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We are THRIVE. We are a generation of young people seeking to create bridges across culture, language and nationality. We seek connections that allow us to celebrate, honor, and share our humanity. Through our collaborative cultural exchanges, we endeavor to build a more compassionate, inclusive world. We are THRIVE, and we are bigger than any border, status or ideology.

**The Thrive Program has been suspended due to Covid 19 restrictions. Currently we are not receiving volunteers. We are sorry for any inconvenience. **

Based in the Portland Metropolitan area, Thrive is a youth-driven, peer-to-peer mentoring program which works collaboratively with various refugee resettlement agencies to pair local Portland area youth with immigrant and refugee teens. Guided by RAIN’s trauma-informed curriculum, students facilitate discussions, prepare educational workshops, and share their cultures through language, music, art, sports and food. Local Thrivers also host school tours for newly arrived mentors and together pursue opportunities for civic engagement with community organizations. Through the Thrive Program, youth gain the skills, knowledge, and understanding to become our next generation of compassionate, culturally engaged leaders.

“This program allows refugee and unaccompanied refugee youth to feel proud of their culture and that they have something of interest to offer to the “regular” high school students in the community. For them to have this opportunity to feel like regular teenagers is wonderful.”


Case Manager

“This is an incredible experience! It’s so cool to meet people from around the world and see that they’re just like us!”


Age 16, Catlin Gable High School

“The mission that thrive has, the mission that works to bring cultures and people together, is something that closely coincides with many of my morals. ”


Age 16, Catlin Gable High School