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Changing the Narrative

We believe a global movement is needed to change the narrative about refugees and migrants, both on the public side, and on the humanitarian side. Our strategy involves addressing both aspects of this. 

Language is Important – The REFUGEE

As we all face another year of war and movement, we are inundated with news about refugees, migrants, and unaccompanied children and why we should either feel sorry for them, be afraid of them, or feel anger towards these groups. It can be confusing and frustrating to confront these narratives articulately when we are not sure what the truth is. RAIN’s Global Advisory Council is a collective of both practitioners and researchers working directly in the field who select accurate, thoughtful and informative news, reports and stories on an interactive map so you can be well informed on areas of conflict, migration and resettlement. RAIN Voices include published articles, stories and reports by or about the RAIN team, brings insight and talking points necessary to us to reframe migration.

We don’t Save, Rescue, or Provide Charity – The ASSISTANCE

RAIN seeks to differentiate itself from other humanitarian organizations by avoiding concepts such as “saving”, “rescuing” and “sponsoring” and move towards humanizing and integrating refugees and migrants. We want to move away from the concept of “us helping them.” This is a challenge as the broader humanitarian community has for decades swept into conflict areas with unsustainable bureaucratic programs that often create dependency, can be culturally irrelevant and at times religiously motivated. We are leading this effort to create a new humanitarian dialogue by promoting the “refugee problem” as a human reality that we all need to address. Our programs such as the Thrive Program promote equity and cultural growth.

A Hub of Information for Humanitarian Programs – The INFORMATION

We offer technical assistance, targeted trainings and professional consultation to corporations, school districts, government representatives and programs wanting transform organizational capacity or improve services for refugees and migrants. Staff training or private consultations are available.


Our RAIN team comes from and has worked within migration and resettlement efforts across the world, and includes doctors, lawyers, social workers, mental health therapists, researchers and policy analysts in the field. Click here to see Our Faces.

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