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Self Care is important these days. Don’t dismiss this. You know if the next four years are anything like this week, we are all going to need a serious survival plan. Tips we recommend:

  • Get outdoors, even in nasty weather. Go look at the sky, get some natural EMDR (trees and water work for this!).  Get reconnected with the wider environment. Before it all gets destroyed…sigh…
  • Take 6 hours a day (minimum) off social media. Change your password on your computer to something totally random so you can’t check your phone during the day.
  • Don’t read the comments on anything. They will destroy your soul.
  • Have dinners with your like-minded friends and family.  We all need to turn inward now to who we can depend on and trust. Plus we need to laugh a little in the midst of this madness.
  • Try not to engage too much with the fervent right, especially on social media. They won’t change and it doesn’t help.
  • Read poetry by famous freedom fighters and resistance movers from around the world – gain strength and perspective.
  • Go look at art and hear music in general.

We want to hear your story.