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Feeling helpless and despondent these days?  Here’s 5 easy ways you can support refugee and immigrant communities right now:


  1. Watch accurate and inspiring documentary films about the refugee experience. Too often the refugee’s story is left untold in the competition for flashy headlines and shock value. One way to do this:  sign up to watch the 2015 film The Crossing, directed by George Kurian, this Saturday in Portland, OR, which unscrews the plight of people fleeing Syria and the realities of resettlement.


  1. Read literature and factual stories about the refugee and migrant experience. One way to do this:  join the RAIN Reads Human Rights Book Club – even if you are not local to Portland – and engage in stimulating conversation about displacement, migration and human rights; both in a historical context and through current affairs.


  1. Write your own story to humanize the refugee experience and tell a story which people can connect to. One way to do this: submit a story for our 120 Days Project. We are accepting first person accounts and want to hear from you.


  1. Engage your friends, family and community by introducing them to programs such as RAIN. We spend a great deal of time sifting through stories for accurate, current and often inspiring about the realities of flight and resettlement.  One way to do this:  invite 50 friends to like RAIN’s Facebook page so they too can become informed of issues affecting refugees and migrants.  Like and share our posts on Facebook, Twitter, and coming soon Instagram.


  1. Donate to a program serving refugees and migrants. With social service programs being cut across the board and most refugee programs suspended for 120 days, programs need all support possible right now. One way to do this:become a monthly donor to RAIN International where 100% of your funds goes to services and programs supporting refugees and migrants.