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He arrived in the US from a Bhutanese refugee camp in Nepal, where he was born when he was 10. 91 days later he was walking to the library with his father when a truck turned left and struck them both in the crosswalk. For months the little boy laid in the hospital unconscious on life support due to brain damage. The doctors informed the family that they needed to decide what to do as funding for refugees ends on the 90th day after arrival. The family was informed that he most likely he would not survive off life support and that if he did he would most likely remain in a vegetative state. Finally, the decision was made to turn it off and place his life in the hands of God. We waited in the room as the machines were unplugged. And then he breathed! And he kept breathing, he eventually opened his eyes which could now only see in grey. Months went on and this little fighter learned to speak again, he regained seeing colors, he went from being bedridden to a wheelchair and then to a walker. He will never fully recover, but he certainty has the spirit of a fighter. This story is both tragic and hopeful, the way so many refugee stories are.