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Alone as a child, as both parents were killed in Burma, his only sister filed to have him join her in Tucson, AZ. When he was 17, he was approved. He arrived alone with only one small bag of belongings. Within a few months he was balancing work and school. His childhood was gone. This was taken from him years ago. He was exceptionally kind and smart. One day, he came into our office and we talked for hours. Then he very quietly asked for one thing, a guitar. He dreamed of having a guitar to play. He said he use to play one and it was the one thing that let him forget about his past and his pain. We sent along this request to a church, who bought him a beatiful brown guitar. He spent his evenings practicing. He came in a few months after to tell me the joy the guitar brought him. Sometimes, it is the little things that make a world of difference in the journey to heal.