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More than 68 million people worldwide are displaced due to war and violence.

It’s time we get organized.


We are Refugee Assistance and Information Network (RAIN) International, and we have created a hub for refugee resettlement and response efforts. Developed as a grassroots movement of deeply experienced social workers, mental health therapists, and humanitarian workers, our vision is that all humans have the right to not just survive but thrive in the communities they reside in.

A New Humanitarian Strategy

Not since WW2 has there been such a momentous surge of people displaced due to war, conflict or persecution. Never before has there been such a virulent global public backlash against them. Our acronym is more than a clever name, it is our strategy in addressing this.

the refugee

Only when we become informed can we begin to change the narrative about migration. We are creating a database of accurate, thoughtful and inspiring stories on those seeking safety and building lives in a new country.

the assistance

Our programs provide direct assistance to strengthen migrant communities. This includes programs to provide psychosocial support, to build youth as leaders, to empower women and to facilitate self-sufficiency.

the information

The best programs are built on best practices. We develop, collect and share effective strategies practiced by some of the most cutting edge thinkers in this field to programs and entities via onsite or online consultations.

the network

Our team of multilingual experts develops programs for refugees, migrants and unaccompanied children. We are offering innovative solutions to some of the most complex programs based on decades of on-the-ground experience.

Stories That Move

The refugee story is a human story, it could be your story too. We bring you thoughtful accurate and inspiring stories across the human experience of migration.

5 Things You Can Do to Take Action for Refugees

As the federal government makes enormous cuts to U.S. refugee admissions numbers and funding for refugee resettlement agencies (read our Director Kelsey’s rundown of the current state of affairs here), it’s time to mobilize and take action. Here are 5...

What You Need to Know about U.S. Refugee Resettlement Numbers

As the news of the presidential cap on U.S. refugee admissions for next year sets in and the low number of 30,000 ripples through the cycles, many are asking the obvious questions: What will be the impact on the agencies who resettle refugees, and will the...

Viet Thanh Nguyen on the Power of Imagining & Building New Futures

“The xenophobic tendencies of American society, which have always been with us, are experiencing a resurgence.”

They only handcuff children on their birthdays: And other mysteries of the US immigration system

As stories erupt all over the country of people detained and interrogated at airports regardless of nationality or legal status, attorneys are continuing to warn ALL people who were not born on US soil to be concerned about traveling overseas, despite the current lift on the ban…

Sexual violence against indigenous women in Ciudad Juárez

Ciudad Juárez is a striking example of both the good and the bad that the economic opportunities inherent to urbanization can bring. This city of nearly 1.5 million inhabitants is situated on the Mexico side of the border with the United States, directly opposite its...

IKEA 5000 Dreams Bed Project

The 5,000 Dreams for Refugees project was a grant given by IKEA’s National Foundation to RAIN International. RAIN was given a limited number of new bed and crib sets which include a bed frame, mattress, pillows, sheets and comforter to distribute to refugees in the...